Choose the right sportswear and get the most out of your training!

Choose the right sportswear and get the most out of your training!

After a hard workout, your whole body hurts and you are tired. But you also feel absolutely fantastic! This is due to endorphins, the happy hormones that movement releases. How you feel after exercise is influenced by a number of factors such as diet and drinking during the day, the quality of sleep or the level of stress we are currently experiencing. How we feel after sports, however, can also have a significant impact on the clothes we wear for training.

We bring you advice and recommendations for sportswear for the gym or for group classes, which will not ensure that a really demanding training session will turn into a walk in the rose garden, but they will make you feel much better!

Stay dry

Some materials wick sweat away from the body, while others absorb moisture. When it comes to sports, you should mainly choose from the first group - sweat evaporates better with the help of such fabrics and your body will not overheat so much.

Nylon is number one in this regard. It is a very soft material with a silk texture that dries quickly. Nylon also perfectly wicks away sweat, helps it to evaporate easily, and its long life is also ensured by its resistance to fungi. In the TIMME collection, nylon spandex is added, thanks to which the models do not restrict movement and fit like a second skin.

Put a stop to the cotton

Cotton is an absolutely great material when choosing casual wear. However, it is not quite suitable for sports, during which you will get really warm. T-shirts or pants made of this material, on the other hand, absorb sweat, and you will overheat first and then get cold very quickly after the activity. And materials that do not breathe are not a good idea either, i.e. where the basis is either rubber or plastic.

Choose according to season

You know the saying that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. But while we associate it more with being outdoors, it also applies to exercising indoors. If you're heading to a yoga class, where the main goal is flexibility or stretching your sore back from the computer, you'll definitely appreciate long leggings, a sweatshirt and warmer socks.

But if you're aiming for HIIT, spinning or the treadmill, just comfortable shorts and a top will suffice.

Size does not matter

If you only had to buy one piece of clothing for exercise, your number one choice would be a quality sports bra. Even if your cup size is not C or more. The reason for this is the fact that the breasts are supported by only two weak structures: the skin itself and ligaments, the so-called Cooper's ligaments. A good sports bra will provide support, prevent breast and back pain, and limit their movement during exercise.

You can choose from the already mentioned sports bras, or choose a sports top with breast support. The basis should be wider straps, some tops also have removable padding, thanks to which every woman can choose what suits her. For example, the TIMME Seamless Skin sports top meets all the above parameters. The sophisticated cut with a push-up effect made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex will also support you during the most demanding sports activities. You can choose from the colors Lila, Baby Blue and Khaki.

Small, big women

You may have thought until now that there is only one type of sportswear that suits everyone. But that is definitely not the case. Each type of figure has its own specifics, which can be highlighted thanks to the right cuts or materials. For example, the most common type of figure, the pear, suits tops and T-shirts with wide necklines that visually widen the shoulders. Light colors are also more suitable for tops, while trousers or leggings should be in darker shades.

Sportswomen with a larger bust will suit darker T-shirts with prominent seams that optically slim the waist. Prints or various slits or details in other parts of the top than the bust will also draw attention away from the large neckline. Are you working on losing some pounds? Reach for shapewear and sportswear, some can take up to one ready-made size. Asymmetrical tops and high-waisted leggings with wide elastic are also good choices. Thanks to their great fit, they are perfect for every figure.

So don't wait for anything, buy new outfit and get to your training!