How to stick with exercise and not lose motivation

How to stick with exercise and not lose motivation

Every person wants to be successful at work and in his private life and to look great. There are also certain job positions where it is important to have a presentable appearance. It’s sometimes difficult to appear confident with a figure that has a few extra pounds or a scruffy appearance. No amount of branded clothes, shoes or expensive accessories will save you. It is similar in a partnership. Almost every man or woman would like to have a good-looking half by their side. The phenomenon of today’s social networks and media space directly forces us to think about ourselves and look for ways to be fit, because many of us quickly turn into an unattractive individual due to a lack of exercise and an inappropriate diet in combination with an irregular regime due to a sedentary job.

You will argue that there are those among us who have a slim figure without exercise. But imagine a slim-looking woman with skinny legs and a slim, feminine butt, and on the other hand, a full-bodied woman with a well-developed butt? Or a thin to unhealthy looking man, and on the other hand a man with a nice V-shaped chest, with a firm butt and thighs? Who will appear attractive, and of course confident and healthy?

  1. Set a goal
  2. Persistence and regularity is the basis of success
  3. Support with the right diet and drinking regime
  4. Don’t underestimate regeneration
  5. Exercise with a close person
  6. Educate yourself
  7. Reward yourself

The key to getting a healthy look and an attractive figure is exercise. In Wikipedia you will find the following description of exercise: a set of deliberate and conscious activities, operations and performances, the aim of which is to improve some aspects of the personality. While in sports we talk about performing physical exercises, planned implementation of the program, various exercises to improve the athlete’s performance through training. In general, we understand training as constant preparation (of oneself), constant exercise, strengthening. An essential part of physical exercise is strengthening the will and motivation. Every active athlete will confirm that “success begins and ends in the head”.

Don’t worry, we have no ambition to steer every reader into a career as a professional athlete. Rather, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can have the figure of your dreams, we will advise you on how to keep exercising and how not to lose motivation. In the article, we will look at how you can achieve it: set a goal, the basis of success is persistence and regularity, support exercise with the right diet and drinking regime, do not underestimate regeneration, exercise with a close person, educate yourself and reward yourself.

1. Set the goal

The goal needs to be set realistically. Divide it into short-term and long-term. Realistically achievable goals are achieved and adhered to more easily.

Everyone is different when it comes to exercise and weight loss… For some, the biggest problem is getting started, others can’t force themselves to do sports regularly, and some are discouraged by the results they set and are not immediately visible. Motivation during exercise is one of the most important factors, without it it is very difficult to achieve the set goals. If you have already decided to start exercising, this is the first step! Very significant and important for success. So how do you maintain motivation during exercise so that you can keep exercising for a long time?

  • take a photo of your figure before and after exercise at a certain time. This is how you get proof that hard work in the form of regular, systematic exercise pays off
  • if you have a role model, try to motivate yourself by looking at a photo of your role model before each exercise
  • don’t be focused only on the number on the scale, because it can deviate according to the time of weighing or what you just ate. In this case, it could be rather demotivating. However, weight gain can be a long-term goal. Start a notebook and write in it how much you want to weigh ideally, e.g. after the first three months of exercise, then after another three months and so on…

2. Persistence and regularity is the basis of success

Other key factors in exercise are regularity and consistency. Only with persistence will you achieve maximum efficiency from exercise. In the beginning, it is not the best to practice 2-3 hours every day. This motivation will not last long. If your new resolution is time-consuming with other responsibilities, it will be difficult to keep and you will easily fail.

  • start 3-4 times a week with a maximum of one hour of physical exercise. Try not to miss even once, if circumstances permit
  • regular exercise goes hand in hand with desired results. You’ll improve your fitness, your body will get used to this regimen, and you’ll find that if you skip the exercise, you’ll even miss it

3. Support with the right diet and drinking regime

In addition to regular exercise, the other key factor is diet: nutrients, calories and enough fluids. The healthier foods you include in your diet, the better your results will be. If you underestimate this factor, the results will not come, and you can easily exercise beyond the limits of your physical strength, easily into unconsciousness.

  • it is necessary to learn to eat regularly, healthily, to give the body a varied diet. The body needs, especially on training days, enough rest that you take from it. Simply put, if you want more from your body, i.e., a better figure or more strength, you have to give it space and conditions
  • if you want to lose weight, you need to go into a caloric deficit, but moderately and sensibly
  • as for fluids, it is recommended to drink mainly clean water and fluid intake should be around 30-40 ml per kg of body weight.

4. Don’t underestimate regeneration

Give your body space to rest, allow it to regenerate, get enough relaxation and sleep. After a good workout and a good meal, you still need to get some sleep. Lack of sleep and stress has a major impact on a person's physical and mental performance.

  • try to get enough sleep every night, preferably 8 hours. If you have problems sleeping, you definitely need to deal with it
  • if you include relaxation in your life, your body will reward you, your immunity will significantly improve and your muscles and stress will also relax
  • try to manage and solve stress better, the very fact that you exercise will significantly improve your mood, thanks to the endorphins that are released during exercise

5. Exercise with a close person

It’s not that difficult to start exercising, it’s harder to stick with it. This is because it often happens that your motivation weakens until it goes out, so you risk stopping exercising. Remember that it is better not to practice alone.

  • involve another person in the exercise: a partner or a friend. You can motivate each other if one of you doesn’t feel like it
  • however, be sure not to choose someone as a training partner who you know has a tendency not to finish things. Such an exercise partner could have the opposite effect for you
  • put yourself in the hands of a trainer, who will initially teach you the correct technique, draw up a suitable exercise plan and diet. If he is good, he will be your psychologist, confidant and help you achieve the desired result.

6. Educate yourself

Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” So change yours too! You can choose the learning method that suits you:

  • read books and articles that deal with the issues of exercise, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Apply the knowledge to yourself
  • watch videos on YouTube or personalities on social networks that offer short training videos
  • get knowledge from trainers, they are people who have rich experience and knowledge, they can help you to be better, not to get injured and not to make unnecessary mistakes
  • be careful, the information given is not always true, check it. We recommend that you form your own opinion from several sources, which you can change in the future

7. Reward yourself

Everyone is happy with a reward, so love yourself and reward yourself for every small success, treat yourself to comfortable, functional and nice sports clothes, as well as sports equipment. In original fitness pieces, you will exercise comfortably and you will feel sexy in them. You exercise for joy and pleasure and it should be all about you!

  • use high-quality sports equipment for exercise, especially in the beginning when you exercise at home, they will help you practice individual parts more effectively
  • get equipment for bodyweight exercises: a set of resistance bands, a core slider, a set of strengthening expanders, a high-speed jump rope. They are also used by trainers or personalities from the world of fitness in their videos. You can practice with them anytime, anywhere. With well-planned exercise, they will help you achieve your goals better. They can be changed during different exercises, so you will definitely not get bored. In short, try exercise in a more fun way
  • make exercise more enjoyable, e.g. with your favorite music. Put together a good playlist that will always get you in the right mood and get you out of your chair. The music you like is also an excellent motivation

So how do you keep exercising and not lose motivation? The best tool is yourself. Be aware that photos on Instagram or Facebook may not always be real and may be edited. If after a few days/months of exercise you don’t see the result in the mirror in the form of a beautiful flat stomach or defined muscles, don’t be discouraged! Regular exercise is the basis for success! In addition to your dream figure, it will give you a good feeling about yourself and the fact that you are doing something for yourself. Don’t let anything discourage you and be proud of yourself and reward yourself with every little bit of progress or success!