Natálie Dufková x TIMME

Natálie Dufková x TIMME

Who is Natálie Dufková?

Anyone who is interested in what is happening on the domestic fashion scene has probably come across the name Natálie Dufková.

She studied fashion design with Liběna Rochová, presented her collection as part of Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week, appeared on the pages of Harper's Bazaar magazine, you could see her on the show Slavní on Seznam television, and she was recently interviewed by the prestigious magazine Forbes.

Why are we interviewing Natálie for the TIMME blog? If everything we've already written wasn't enough for you, we might have to add more information about Natálie - in addition to working on her own models, she's been taking up more and more of her time working for the TIMME brand. It is the combination of Natálie and Timea that brings functional originality to TIMME. Few people have spent as much time in sportswear as Timea, after all, every bikini fitness competition is preceded by hard preparation and hours of hard work, so leggings become your second skin. From the beginning, Natálie's task at TIMME was to transfer the brand founder's ideas into real models and give them something extra.

How these two women born in the same year with completely different life stories came together, you can judge for yourself thanks to the new TIMME collections, which are already on sale, but mainly in preparation. I think you have a lot to look forward to.

We asked Natálie to share with us her perspective on the current world of fashion.

How do you perceive the connection between sport and fashion? Isn't it boring for someone who creates extravagant collections for fashion week?

I really enjoy sports fashion because it combines design with functionality. As I currently create mainly evening gowns and tailored items under my brand NANICHE, I probably wouldn't even have access to the possibilities that sports fashion brings. What I enjoy most about my job is that I can constantly learn and improve. And it is thanks to TIMME that I really gain a lot of experience, because we are constantly working with new processing technologies or production options.

Is sports fashion subject to the dictates of trends and how do you view fashion trends?

Everything is certainly subject to trends today. We at TIMME also follow all current fashion trends, especially sports ones, but it is important for us to come up with our own innovations.

The word sustainability is often used in connection with fashion today, can sports fashion be sustainable? Isn't it just a fashion trend again?

Almost everything gradually becomes a trend, and I think that in this case, anything that helps a little to make clothes more sustainable is a big positive. At TIMME, we place a lot of emphasis on this during further production and we are very happy that in recent months we have managed to find and establish cooperation with several manufacturers with whom it is possible to produce things that have more natural or recycled material.

Why did you start working with Timea?

Timea has been an extremely inspiring person for me since the beginning. She has my admiration for how she manages business, family and still looks great! 🙂

As I am a really hardworking person myself, I need to surround myself with people who recharge me with the right energy, and Timea is exactly that kind of person. TIMME strongly appeals to motivation and a positive approach to things, and this is what characterizes Timea herself.

Looking at your outfit, I dare say that your favorite color is black. Did I hit the mark?

Black is my favorite, but I also wear it for a reason. I'm constantly working with colors, I'm always trying something, and when I'm wearing black, nothing distracts me.

It's May, we're experiencing the first days of summer, and maybe it's time to complement black with other colors. What is your tip, what would you recommend?

I'm a big fan of "all black outfits", but if you see any color on me, it's in fitness clothes. Of the TIMME colors, I'm currently loving Lilac from the Seamless Skin collection and Navy Blue from the Seamless Bombshell collection.

Right now you are intensively working with Timea on the autumn collection, what can we look forward to?

Thanks to new production possibilities, the portfolio should already be expanded by many products this year. I'm really looking forward to the different types of leisure tracksuits because we've been working for over a year to develop the best material, components, and all possible other details. I am also very much looking forward to the new Seamless models from the Ribbed, Skin and Bombshell collections, which we want to develop even more and make their design special.

Let's get a little closer to you - how will the life of a student who works under star Liběna Rochová change when she comes to a brand where, unfortunately, creative work must be followed by sales results?

I don't feel that my creativity and creation are limited in TIMME. Timea takes the final decision and responsibility for the right pieces and colors for the portfolio.

As far as school goes, it's great, but working on things that actually sell is a challenge for me. Fashion is connected with human, so we have to create things especially for our customers. That's the only way it can work. 🙂

So can we look forward to the TIMME 2023 collection with your signature?

I believe so. I am currently processing the last documents for this year's production and right after that we want to launch the spring 2023 collection together with Timea.

You too can look forward to the new collection.