How to choose the right sportswear for a workout?

How to choose the right sportswear for a workout?

Spring is slowly approaching, and with it, more and more exercisers will be looking for alternatives to exercise in the fresh air. Exercising outdoors has many benefits and provides a unique experience that can positively affect both body and mind. Are you starting a workout or want to take your workout to another level? High-quality and appropriately chosen clothing will provide you with comfort, adequate support and elasticity during exercise, while the quick-drying effect of the material will take care of sweat removal. Learn with us how to combine quality, functionality and exercise trends when choosing clothes.

Flexible and high-quality fabrics that wick away sweat are the ideal choice for a workout. Considering that the exercise takes place outside, it is necessary to take into account the season when buying clothes.
During warm summer days, choose fabrics that are light, breathable and wick sweat away from the skin. If it is wet or windy, wear another functional layer that will protect your skin, for example a waterproof jacket.

In cold weather, dress so that you don't have to take off your clothes after a while of exercise and keep in mind that you will warm up quickly. For the inner layer of the outfit, choose clothing that wicks away sweat, wear the so-called insulating layer. Don't forget your hat and gloves.

Workout clothes should be designed so that your training is as comfortable as possible. Nothing should pressure you anywhere or be too loose. There is nothing worse than when you are stretching and your pants fall down or your shirt rises every time you bow.

One thing is certain during the workout, you will sweat a lot! However, the goal is not to prevent perspiration, but rather to divert it away from the skin and still feel comfortable. Your body must stay dry. Appropriately chosen materials are used for this. You can find different types of fabrics on the market, the most commonly used are breathable synthetic fabrics that "evaporate" sweat so you stay dry.

For example, such cotton is preferred in the production of clothes precisely because it is a natural material, it is very pleasant, but it cannot remove sweat from the body, on the contrary, it absorbs it into itself. If you sweat during a workout, the skin stays moist until you take off your clothes. And that is not pleasant and of course it does not add to the aesthetics either.

That's why workout clothes are made of elastane, polyamide and polyester. These are high-quality materials that wick away sweat, adapt to the figure and allow maximum freedom of movement. Our advice is that during such a dynamic exercise as a workout, avoid non-breathable fabrics that vaporize and thus maintain a high body temperature.

Someone prefers looser clothing, someone more fitted, so that they can monitor the work of their muscles during exercise. Choose clothes so that you feel comfortable in them. The goal of sportswear is that you hardly feel it on yourself, which is why we at TIMME make sportswear exclusively from materials that are like a second skin. Avoid buying pieces that are a size smaller because the idea that you will soon lose weight is not always as motivating as you think. In addition, smaller clothes will prevent freedom of movement, which will annoy you during exercise, and the printed skin from leggings, shorts or bras will probably not add to your self-confidence. During the workout, you need to perform, for example, lunges or squats, and at the same time, nothing should hinder you and nothing should strangle you at all. That is why it is necessary to try on the chosen piece with the help of several basic exercises, thanks to which you can quickly test whether the clothes fit you even when moving.

If you're shopping online, choose brands that have a size chart with their products, so you can choose the right size based on your measurements. If you still can't choose between two sizes, try contacting customer support with a question, or order both sizes and return the one that doesn't fit. In TIMMA, you have up to 14 days to exchange or return goods, which allows you to order several pieces in different designs or sizes and decide which one to keep only after trying them on.

Any sporting activity is not without falls, bumps and other minor injuries from time to time. All these accompanying phenomena are then also signed on your clothes. Cheap pieces don't last long, so you're forced to buy another pair of shorts, leggings, T-shirt or sweatshirt.

High-quality sportswear stands out for its long service life. It is durable and also represents a kind of protection against scratches, abrasions and wounds. In the end, you will pay much less for a quality piece than for cheap things that you have to keep changing. Such a mindset is also preferred in terms of sustainability.

Neon colors radiate energy and excitement. They can diversify the design, thanks to which the piece of clothing appears dynamic and lively. Neon colors are ideal for expressing a sense of excitement about movement. They immediately attract attention with their intense brightness and saturation. They are perfect for people whose goal is to stand out or make a strong and immediate impression.

If you're not a fan of bold neon colors, don't buy them just because they're trendy or on sale. No one has ever messed anything up with an "all black outfit" or an outfit based on earthy or soft pastel colors. You wear the clothes, not them! Do not fall for trends at all costs, unless you identify with them, keep your own timeless minimalist style.

In our e-shop you will find a wide selection of high-quality and functional sportswear, which is not only focused on timeless and imaginative design or functional cuts, but is also diverse in terms of high-quality materials. You can also choose from three levels of compression: light, medium or high.

Let's summarize everything you just read about in the article in basic points with specific types. If you have read carefully, you already know that the first place should be functionality, which is ensured by elasticity and the ability of materials to dry quickly. No less important is comfort during the workout, which is ensured by a combination of correctly selected size and cut, as well as the level of support provided. Sports bras and tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, leggings are among the most frequently used pieces for a workout, and we mustn't forget gloves and sports shoes.

  • Sports bra
For ladies who are looking for a comfortable and at the same time perfect design sports bra, the Vital sports bra from TIMME is suitable for example. The bra is made of pleasant functional material that is like a second skin. You will definitely appreciate that it is snug, provides support when moving, but at the same time, its material is flexible and soft enough not to put pressure on you.

  • Shorts
    Shorts made of flexible support fabric that wick away sweat well are ideal for demanding exercises. Popular pieces of our brand include shorts from the Bubble, Skin, Ribbed and Level Up collections.
  • Women's leggings
    Leggings made of functional materials that fit like a second skin are suitable for workouts, their timeless design can be an added value. And we have exactly such leggings for you at TIMMA! Leggings with low, medium to high compression, medium or high waist or "squatproof" leggings in various designs and colors. You will feel divine in them during your workout!
  • Why not try something "less traditional" and bet on versatility?
    The overall is a popular item, it belongs to the sports trends and will be in fashion in 2024 as well. A high-quality sports overall offers functionality, comfort and a perfect silhouette, it is a versatile piece in which you can train your workout and go rollerblading immediately after the workout without changing your outfit. skates. And if you need to buy fruit on the way home, you don't have to be ashamed to step into the store for your favorite fresh fruit or smoothie.
  • Appropriate footwear
    Don't forget that the basis of your workout outfit is also well-chosen sports shoes. This will not only provide stability, which will help you prevent unwanted injuries, but will also provide you with enough comfort. Literally "everything stands" on the feet, and bad shoes can make training really uncomfortable.
  • Gloves
    During a workout, you probably cannot do without high-quality fitness gloves. You will especially appreciate gloves made of soft and absorbent materials with an anatomically padded palm.

Do you already know what you need when buying clothes suitable for a workout?
First of all, think about functionality, which will be ensured by the elasticity and ability of the material to dry quickly. No less important is comfort during the workout, which is ensured by a combination of correctly selected size and cut, as well as an appropriately selected level of support. Today, fashion and sports go hand in hand, and the emphasis on style and a wide selection of sportswear has never been as popular as it is today.
When you workout, you step out of your comfort zone, so make sure that the clothes suit all your needs. If you are among the beginners or want to consult with experts when choosing sportswear, do not be afraid to write to us and ask for advice. We will help you not only with the selection of suitable clothing, but also with its size. With us, you will always find a wide selection of high-quality, functional, comfortable pieces that reflect current sports fashion trends. Lovers of materials that give the feeling of a second skin will especially appreciate it. So don't put it off any longer and come and enjoy yourself with one of the beautiful pieces of the TIMME brand!