The best leggings for different types of exercises

The best leggings for different types of exercises

Are you looking for the perfect leggings and can't even count how many times you've tried on the "best" workout leggings, only to find that they slide off the waist to the point of bothering you? Or do you own leggings that don't hold during exercise and reveal your underwear or have lost their color after the first wash? Finding the best leggings is quite a chore. And to make matters worse, for every type of sport you need suitable leggings that will provide you with the necessary functionality, comfort and at the same time you will look and feel like your best version in them.

First of all, you have to feel good in whatever clothes you choose for your sports activities. It should not restrict your movement, nor should it push you anywhere. Ideally, you shouldn't feel it at all. In order to take a comprehensive look at leggings as such, we will first explain a few terms that will help you orient yourself when choosing them. Later, we will give specific examples of leggings for individual types of sports, the purchase of which you will definitely not step on the wrong side.

Leggings with a high waist hold perfectly and are a proven piece for fitness training, yoga or running. Thanks to the raised waist, you will feel much more comfortable, highlight your strengths and hide any flaws. In addition, a high waist optically lengthens your legs and thus makes you slimmer naturally.

Leggings with a high V-shaped waist optically narrow the middle of the body and create a longer, more beautiful and slimmer female silhouette. The leggings hold perfectly on the body after wearing them, they do not press anywhere or push out anything unwanted.

Behind the perfect background is a lot of hard work and hours spent in the gym. Don't you think it would be a shame to hide it in sweatpants or leggings that are solid on the butt like nylons? Be proud of your butt and show it off in the best light. The scrunch or ruching in the middle of the butt will ensure that the leggings fit you perfectly and shape your butt to perfection.

Women's push-up leggings have the task of lifting the bottom so that it is symmetrical, round and pleasing to the eye. Women then feel more confident.
The combination of the push-up effect with the scrunch ruching on the butt forms a perfect harmony of technologies that help to maximally shape, strengthen and at the same time visually induce the effect of a heart-shaped butt.

"Squat-proof" leggings, if we want to translate it literally, like "squat-proof". The leggings do not slip and do not show through. The key is color and material that is durable and thick enough not to show through, but light and flexible enough to allow the leggings to move with the body.

Do you go for a run or do you like pockets in general? Reach for women's leggings with a hidden pocket in which you can store e.g. apartment keys or other small items.

At TIMME, we specialize in the development and sale of leggings of various types of compression, from light to medium to high. Light compression is suitable for less dynamic sports such as yoga. Medium compression is an all-round golden mean. It is suitable for all kinds of sports, from strength training to running to hiking. The high compression of the leggings is suitable for stronger exercises, when you expect higher support, resistance and protection against injuries from the leggings.

Compression leggings help maintain normal blood circulation by exerting slight pressure on the veins, which facilitates blood flow and keeps your heart beating. The heart then pumps more oxygen to the muscles, which is critical for maintaining energy levels and reducing fatigue. The energy from the muscles is converted into higher performance.

TIMME represents exclusive small-series production focused on quality, functionality and timeless design. The brand is headed by a former professional athlete, multiple world and European champion in bikini fitness, Tímea Trajteľová, who has trained thousands of hours in her life and literally lives in leggings. Thanks to their experience with a team of professional designers and constructors, they create really functional, detailed innovative pieces that stand out with their original cuts and materials that are like a second skin.

After clarifying the terms for leggings, it is probably clear to all of us that the term "best" leggings will not be the most appropriate. Let's take a closer look at the leggings that will be the right choice for various sports activities.

Leggings for the gym can be chosen from a wide and varied number of products on the market, in addition to suitability, do not forget to feel comfortable in them. Depending on the intensity of the training and the part you are training, you can choose leggings with light to high compression. In terms of cut, you can choose a wide range of types of leggings, from simpler, basic pieces to more sophisticated pieces that have a push-up effect, a squat-proof effect, or a scrunch effect. High-waisted or V-waisted leggings will ensure that you feel confident and see your body in the best possible silhouette during your workout.

The low intensity of these sports activities allows you to choose looser but also tighter clothing, but it should not be anything that will limit your movement. Long strings on tracksuits and other "unnecessary" decorations will certainly hinder you. Choose leggings with a high waist made of softer, elastic materials that will ensure your comfort and allow maximum freedom of movement.

It is certainly advisable to think about buying compression clothing, which can contribute to increasing endurance during running. However, many people are comfortable with looser clothing for running. Reach for leggings made of high-quality technical materials such as elastane, polyamide and polyester or spandex, which wick away sweat, are quick-drying, allow the skin to breathe, adapt to the figure and allow maximum freedom of movement.

For dynamic exercise, as well as for running, it is advisable to choose leggings made of synthetic materials that allow your skin to breathe, are quick-drying, light and highly elastic.

Functional highly durable leggings that protect your thighs and calves from scratches should be the basis of every hiking lover's wardrobe.

There is certainly no one-size-fits-all perfect leggings that will suit everyone and be equally suitable for all types of exercise. However, there are definitely leggings that will fit you 100%. Those that will flatter your figure and suit your sports activities, whether at the level of training if you are a professional athlete, or if you like to do it with love only recreationally. Our effort was to clarify the basic aspects that should be kept in mind when buying leggings.

Looking for great fitness leggings? Leggings for running, yoga, hiking or crossfit? If you haven't discovered them yet, try TIMME leggings. At TIMMA, we are happy to advise you on choosing the right leggings, we have designed several perfect pieces for you, which hide everything you could expect from perfect leggings. Whether you are looking for leggings with low, medium or high compression, low, medium, high waist or V-waist, TIMME has a wide range of all types of sports leggings and even leggings suitable for leisure activities!