3 years of TIMME

3 years of TIMME

Three years of proper ride! This is how the first years of the TIMME brand on the Czech-Slovak market could be simplistically described. We owe it to you, our customers, that we are here and we can create new and new products with love

We are a relatively new, but dynamically growing brand, which has built a stable background and is backed by a team of determined and skilled professionals. We love our work, we complement each other, we are perfectionists, and this allows us to develop products that our customers love.

The TIMME brand was created in 2020 as a response to strong demand from fans of the most watched fitness athlete in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Tímea Trajteľová. If you are one of our long-time customers or followers of the founder, you may remember some of the milestones. However, if you belong to the newer ones, thanks to the article for the birthday of the popular TIMME brand, we will bring you at least a little closer to the story of our beginnings.

Tímea Trajtelová, founder and visionary of the brand about the creation of TIMME:

For many years of my active sports career in the bikini fitness category, I was the face of various global brands and helped create and test collections. However, I was never able to influence the production process enough to be able to produce the pieces that I would most like to have in my wardrobe. I always had a lot of ideas that I wanted to realize, so the only way to be able to create what I dream about was to start my own brand. I shared my idea with my followers on social networks and I have to admit that the huge positive support and trust I received from them confirmed that I have to turn the idea of my own brand into a reality. I still remember how we chose the brand name together. From the beginning, I personally did not want the brand to be called Tímea, or to have anything to do with my name..., but everyone else had a different opinion, so from a few potential names, only one was chosen, TIMME, which in my Instagram poll earned more than 15,000 votes. <3

Today, I'm really glad that I got some advice, because I can't imagine a better name for my brand! ☺ 

The beginnings of TIMME cannot be called anything other than a "one woman show". :D I held all positions in my company and my Prague apartment turned into one big warehouse, from which hundreds of orders were dispatched weekly. At night I sat at my laptop and looked for manufacturers, created collections, managed the e-shop and accounting, and during the day I worked on customer support, photographed and filmed products, packed and sent orders... A few months later, when my work outgrew head and my closest people came to help me pack the accumulated hundreds of orders more and more often, I finally admitted that I can no longer manage it alone and I have to share the work on my lifelong dream. And so, in September 2020, the first offices and warehouses were created, I started hiring the first employees, thanks to whom I could delegate work and devote myself to building the portfolio and the background of the company. Today, we have a corporate background made up of people who do their work with great love. When I think back to the beginning, it's motivating to see where we've come. In recent years, we have become the dominant manufacturers of seamless clothing on the Czech-Slovak market, and our production team, headed by the renowned Czech designer Natália Dufková, cooperates with manufacturers of world brands such as Womens Best, Skims, Good American and others.

Three years have flown by, I see today's celebration of TIMME's 3rd birthday as a huge gift and satisfaction for the passing period, but if I may speak for my entire team, we look forward to further work in the coming years. We will continue to focus on the small details that you love at TIMME and push the level of our creation further and further. On behalf of the entire team, I thank you once again for the support and the favor shown. Stay with us, be part of the TIMME brand community, and we promise you that the coming years will be worth it!

Let's remember together what the first three years have brought us...

March 2020

On April 25, 2020, our first website saw the light of day with a collection of sports equipment and socks. During the first evening, more than 15,000 unique customers visited the website of the TIMME brand, which caused occasional technical outages, but also showed that there is a lot of interest in TIMME. During this period, the whole world was fighting the first wave of the coronavirus, and our sports aids became instant bestsellers, helping thousands of people to move actively even when fitness centers and sports grounds were closed.

Sport Equipment TIMME

July 2020

Summer is in full swing and we present the first collection of summer swimwear made in the Czech Republic!

Blue swimwear TIMME

August 2020

For the first time, the TIMME brand offers sportswear, which is very popular among customers. Many of them still remember, for example, our push-up leggings with frills on the butt. If you have at least one at home, you will definitely agree that it was one of our best pieces! ☺

Pink Matching Set TIMME

January 2021

Meet the bestseller of the TIMME brand - the Ribbed collection! Made from seamless ribbed knit, it combines sporty lifestyle fashion with versatile activewear. Thanks to its extreme elasticity, our pregnant customers also liked this collection. January 2021 also brought the popular Skin and Bombshell collections, which, with a combination of high-quality materials and precise design, allow you to exercise without restrictions. Thanks to the pleasant elastic seamless fiber, the leggings are comfortable and fit the body like a second skin, while the high waist provides support and comfort for training of various intensities.

Ribbed Bombshell Skin collection TIMME

February 2021

Starring a collection of tightening and shaping underwear made in premium Italian quality. Favorite comfort pieces: panties, bras, bodysuits, but also shapewear leggings, which optically slim down up to one ready-made size, immediately won you over and enjoy your great popularity in the TIMME offer to this day.

Tightening and Shaping underwear TIMME

June 2022

We present you the functional Mesh sports collection with mesh sports bras, shorts and leggings. Made from breathable and moisture wicking material, our mesh clothing is ideal for any workout. The mesh design provides ventilation and style, making the Mesh collection functional and fashionable at the same time.

Mesh collection TIMME

July 2022

We present to you an exclusive collection of women's two-piece swimsuits TIMME, thanks to which you can combine your swimwear as you wish, by arranging your top and bottom part yourself. TIMME has created push-up bras, high-waisted bikinis, thongs and bras for you, all made of high-quality materials with the Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certificate. Our swimsuits are designed so that the figure stands out in them, but at the same time, optimal coverage is guaranteed. We were not satisfied with only these pieces, but decided to include sexy and elegant women's one-piece swimsuits and dresses in the offer with our designers.

White Swimwear TIMME

November 2022

After two years of intensive work on the development of material and a perfectly fitting cut, we created the first women's tracksuits made of 100% cotton, and that's how our SuperWoman collection was born! The collection is designed for girls and women who are not afraid to overcome challenges and follow their dreams. It was designed to emphasize the silhouette and provide comfort during everyday life. We paid attention to every detail to bring the highest level of exclusivity, quality, aesthetics and functionality.

SuperWoman tracksuits TIMME

December 2022

At the end of the year, we presented our TIMME house project, which we created in collaboration with designer MgA. Eva Jurigová @evadesign and Michal Slávik @msindesign. We assessed it directly through a stress test and organized a Christmas party for our ambassadors and partners. It was a wonderful event that we all enjoyed and we look forward to inviting you, our customers, to the upcoming event. For years, it has been our wish to create a special place that will be the heart of the entire TIMME brand. Our TIMME house is an exclusive, comfortable, family, private but also commercial house, where everything that represents TIMME is created. It serves as a studio for the creation of content for the social networks of the TIMME brand, it is a background for our production team, ambassadors, it is the seat of customer support, production and marketing team. We plan to make it available to our customers as well. Soon we will officially launch a reservation system where you can make an appointment with your personal sales manager.

TIMME house opening party

January 2023

TIMME presents the first iconic piece from the exclusive line called "Monogram" in the form of sports-leisure push-up leggings. During the year 2022, we developed the new most comfortable seamless material with a technology where we work with the logo directly in the fabric structure. The leggings sold out almost immediately and became an absolute hit in the history of the TIMME brand. Don't worry, we're still working on more pieces all the time. The Monogram collection will appear in our offer this year again and in full force!

Black Monogram leggings TIMME

February 2023

Together with our designers, we embellished the original popular Seamless Skin collection with the smallest details and brought a renewed version of Seamless Skin 2.0 leggings. And it didn't end with leggings... Once again, you, our customers, inspired us. What? You started wearing our sports top type bra reversely in the first version. Our team took this idea to the construction of a double-sided sports top, and so you helped us once again to create another iconic piece of the TIMME brand. February 2023 will also go down in our mini history with the sale of new functional Brazilian Scrunch leggings with a high shaped "V" waist.

Seamless Skin 2.0 collection by TIMME

March 2023

The new Seamless Bombshell 2.0 mini collection brings with it the first pieces made from sustainable materials such as recyclable nylon. Making items from recycled nylon diverts waste from landfills and uses far fewer resources to produce than virgin nylon. Much of the recycled nylon produced comes from old fishing nets and plastic waste. Thanks to this, our production helps to process garbage from the oceans and make our environment cleaner.

Bombshell 2.0 collection by TIMME

April 2023

We are celebrating a birthday and on this occasion we present the spring edition of leggings "Simply Spring" in beautiful melange colors. If you reach for colors that symbolize the transitional period of spring - Storm Gray & Marina Blue or brighten up your wardrobe with Candy & Watermellon colors, leggings in a minimalist design await you. The leggings have a special "push-up" weaving on the bottom, they shape it, and the pleasant seamless knit will be like a second skin on the body.

Simply Spring collection by TIMME


Thank you for three wonderful years!