Benefits of weight training

Benefits of weight training

„If the movement were a pill, it would be the most commonly prescribed medicine.“

I don't know who uttered this sentence, but we could probably find a whole range of experts from several fields who would unequivocally agree. In general, the current movement is pitifully low compared to the past. And there is an abundance of food (at least in our region), highly processed, caloric and easily available. And that is definitely not an ideal combination. Attention, at the outset I must point out that we are talking about a healthy population here, not people with any eating disorder.

Movement as such should be a completely natural part of our lives in today's sedentary age, like brushing our teeth. First of all, we should choose a movement that we would enjoy. Also to think sensibly and include the kind of movement that is beneficial for us and will represent the greatest possible health benefit and prevention of various health problems in the future. I keep saying, it's not age that brings with it various health complications, but the lifestyle we lead and with it comes its consequences.

I dare to say that weight training is irreplaceable and brings many benefits compared to any other exercise activities. All this provided that it is performed correctly. We covered the most common training mistakes in the previous article, 8 most common training mistakes.  

If by chance weight training is not the right thing for you and you cannot include it in your program at least twice a week, try to combine it with other sports that you are inclined towards. Why? In the following lines you will find some convincing reasons:

  • increases the basal metabolism and thus fat burning occurs not only during training but also several hours or days after it (resting metabolism remains elevated for up to 38 hours after strength training, this does not occur in the case of cardio)
  • burns more calories in the long run than aerobic activity
  • thanks to its effects, you can more easily maintain your weight loss results (higher proportion of muscle mass)
  • shapes the figure into desired curves
  • improves strength, movement control, functionality, cognitive abilities, mental health, self-confidence
  • supplies energy and vitality
  • flushes out endorphins (good mood, satisfaction)
  • strengthens bones and joints
  • reduces the risk of injuries during sports
  • acts as a prevention of type 2 diabetes
  • acts as a prevention of osteoporosis
  • reduces the production of inflammatory cells and cardiovascular inflammation
  • improves blood pressure values
  • improves the overall quality of life
  • builds discipline, purposefulness,...

And in this way, we could go on, go into details and write at least once such a long list of various advantages. I believe that you will agree with me if I write that investing energy, time and yes money in weight training is the most responsible thing for your health. Our future self will surely thank us and repay us. Otherwise, there is a big risk that we will be forced to spend energy, time and money later on dealing with various health problems, psychological as well as socio-economic impacts, which long-term neglect will certainly bring with it over time.

Remember: „What you do today decides how you will live tomorrow! “