Luxurious tracksuit collection "Luxury"

Luxurious tracksuit collection "Luxury"

Unique, minimalist, luxurious and incredibly comfortable! We present you a new women's collection of Luxury sweatpants from the top line of the TIMME brand! The Luxury In Each Detail line is characterized by its elaborate external and internal details and premium materials that stand behind each high-quality and exclusive piece.

If there's one thing our main designers Natália and Tímea love, it's details! The creation of these two women behind the designs of the TIMME brand is built on details that together create a perfect harmony. The level of collections from the TIMME workshop is constantly moving forward. The proof of this is the new tracksuit collection of 2023 called Luxury under the line Luxury In Each Detail.

The Luxury In Each Detail line is characterized by premium materials and its sophistication in both external and internal details. We use exclusive technologies such as 3D embroidery and logos, branded laces and appliques, endless logo ribbons and other modifications and technologies to make our products unique and luxurious pieces. Our aim is that even the internal details, which are not visible to the naked eye, meet the criteria of the highest range of luxury products.

What material is the latest collection made of?

Composition: 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The material composition with a high proportion of premium cotton guarantees not only maximum comfort and a pleasant feeling when wearing, but also easy maintenance. Thanks to the admixture of polyester, the fiber has both color and shape stability. The material is combed from the inside and without internal hair. All TIMME brand products are certified by the Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certificate.

Women's Sweatshirt Luxury

Fall in love with the elaborate details of the unique handwriting of the Luxury line and let yourself be pampered by the feeling of luxury! The chest area is decorated with the unique logo of the Luxury line embroidered with exclusive technology for a 3D effect. The logo in a new written design is created especially for the Luxury collection. There are popular “hidden” pockets on the side of the sweatshirt. The sweatshirt has elastic hems in the waist and sleeves. The back of the neck is decorated with a 3D TIMME logo.

Women's sweatshirt TIMME

Women's Sweatshirt Luxury Minimalle

It is up to you whether you choose the basic version of the sweatshirt with a larger logo or its minimalist version. The Luxury Minimalle women's sweatshirt differs from the Luxury sweatshirt only in the size of the front logo. We know that some of you like it if the logo is visible and others like minimalistic versions, so we decided to make them both for you!

Women's sweatshirt Luxury Minimalle TIMME

Sweatpants Slim Luxury

The sweatpants have a perfectly fitting slim cut, which preserves the shape of the figure and lets the butt stand out! The front of the sweatpants is decorated with unique branded laces and an embroidered TIMME logo in a new design created especially for the Luxury collection. “Hidden” pockets in the side seam of sweatpants are popular. The sweatpants have an elastic hem at the waist, thanks to which they fit perfectly and will not press when worn. The back is decorated with an embroidered TIMME logo and a fake pocket with a 3D TIMME logo.

Sweatpants Slim Luxury TIMMESweatpants Slim Luxury TIMME

What is the difference between tracksuits from the SuperWoman and Luxury collections?

The main three differences between last year's SuperWoman collection and this year's Luxury collection are: material, cut and of course the new design of 2023. SuperWoman tracksuits are made of 100% natural cotton with an inner warm side that is not combed. The material composition of the Luxury collection has a high proportion of premium cotton and polyester admixture. Thanks to this, the fiber has color and shape constancy. The material is combed from the inside and without internal hair. As for the cut, the SuperWoman collection is more oversize, while for the Luxury collection we chose a more elegant slim cut.

How do the sizes fit the Luxury collection?

All sizes fit the usual standard sizes, but in TIMME we also provide size charts for each product, and you can also find the size, height and weight of the model in the main photo in the detail of each product.

What to do if you have measurements between two sizes?

If your measurements are between two sizes, choose the size according to whether you prefer the sweatpants to be tighter or, on the contrary, looser. However, due to the Slim cut, our recommendation is to take a larger size in this case.

Where is the Luxury collection produced?

The Luxury collection is uniquely designed by our designers in the Czech Republic. The production of materials and the actual sewing takes place in professionally adapted clean and ethical conditions in Europe. We emphasize high quality materials, sophisticated sewing and technologically innovative execution of particular effects.

How to wash and maintain sweatpants?

Unless the clothes are extremely dirty, there is no need to wash them at high temperatures. Washing at a temperature of 30° consumes 38% less energy than when washing at a temperature of 40°. By washing gently, you save not only your finances, but also energy and the planet. In addition, your clothes will last longer, because higher temperatures destroy textiles.

TIMME Luxury sweatpants

Tracksuits dominate the fashion industry

Who doesn't have at least one set of tracksuits at home these days, which they can easily take for wandering around the city? Just a few years ago, tracksuits were the item we wore most often at home. Today, they are very popular in the fashion industry, and there are not a few places where you can't make a splash with a stylish tracksuit with appropriately matched accessories.

Where can we wear tracksuits everywhere?

Sweatpants have long been accepted by society, so you can wear them really anywhere. Yes, you can also wear them to work if you don't have a strict work dress code. They are very easily combinable pieces, as long as you choose soft colors.

Oversized, i.e. looser sweatpants

Don't be afraid of the combination of elegant pieces and trendy sweatpants! You can easily combine them with a top, shirt, denim or leather pieces. Don't be afraid to choose more elegant pieces, such as a jacket or high-heeled shoes, with sweatpants. However, feel free to also reach for loose pieces such as oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters. The combination is up to you. It is a piece that is extremely comfortable, no matter how you combine it.

Slim sweatpants with a higher waist

On the other hand, we have tighter high-waisted sweatpants that are more like sweatpants leggings. These, on the other hand, are very easy to combine with an oversized shirt, t-shirt, denim or denim jacket or blazer.